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 FREE Necklace of Vigour

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PostSubject: FREE Necklace of Vigour   10th September 2008, 10:31 am

For those that doesnt recieve AL newletters hereīs the link for the free necklace

Create a new account and add the key that u get on the CoG for Active AL

Create the char and then press Char Select.

Press the acquire item Button

and Done

Necklace of Vigour
Maximum Hp +50

Itīs not a very good neck but at lvl 1 itīs good against polgo


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Sabina - Lvl 63Ranger
Lortha - Lvl 48 Hunter
Macond0 - Lvl 51 Mage
Winner Last Warrior Standing VII(30-45)
Winner Last Warrior Standing VIII(30-50)
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FREE Necklace of Vigour
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